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Our Mission

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Give the gift of FATHERHOOD to a child who needs daddy in their life. Donate today and help us be a voice for dad and all the children who need their FATHERS.

The mission of the Fathers Resource Center, Inc. is to promote positive parental involvement in order to allow children positive and equal access to both parents. Our philosophy is that in order to raise a mentally and emotionally healthy child, the child needs to have the positive parental influence of both parents. National studies state, "Development is substantially greater in a stable home with both parents involved in the child's life, even if the parents are in separate homes!"

Fathers Resource Center, Inc. has developed a solid network of resources with private, community, and faith based organizations across this great nation to provide a comprehensive service for fathers. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and relationships between fathers and their children.

We offer a wide array of services that will make your tomorrows a lot brighter, so contact us and take advantage today. Your participation in our programs is an invaluable aid to you, your Family Court case, your child support standing and most of all to your child(ren).


Fathers Resource Center

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FATHERS DAY Newsletter 2012
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